Welcome to Sri Samayapurathal Temple Needs and Pathira Maaligai

Sri Samayapurathal Temple Needs and Pathira Maaligai is one of the best temple needs products in kumbakonam, All kinds of Brass, Copper, Pure Silver, Silver Plated, Pure Gold and Gold Plated Temple pooja materials.

  • Panchalogha (5 Metals) and Ashtadhatu (8 Metals) God and Goddess statues.
  • Wooden Vahanam.
  • Copper, Brass, Pure Silver, Pure Gold Kavacham for God/Goddess.
  • Temple Kodimaram.
  • Temple chariot.
  • Pooja Mandapam for household purpose.
  • All Brass and Copper vessels for Temple.
  • Bronze Bell.
  • Brass and stainless Hundial.
  • Kopura Kalash.
  • Brass/Copper Thiruvachi.
  • Different kinds of traditional Brass Ornamental Lamps.
  • Bronze Antique imitation statues of God/Goddess.
  • Bronze Antique imitation fancy statues.
  • Bronze Antique imitations doom lamps and wall decors.
  • Traditional Tanjore Paintings.
  • All other contemporary paintings of various famous Indian artists.
  • Wide range of devotional, corporate and promotional gift materials.